Fall 2018 American Scriptures (with John Turner)
Spring 2018 Clio 2: Computational History
Spring 2017 Clio 2: Data and Visualization in Digital History
Spring 2017 Global History of Christianity (with Mack Holt and John Turner)
Spring 2017 The Digital Past: Reconstruction and Redemption
Summer 2016 R, Interactive Graphics, and Data Visualization, Digital Humanities Summer Institute (with Jason Heppler)
Fall 2016 Text Analysis for Historians
Spring 2016 Data and Visualization in Digital History
Spring 2015 Religion and Capitalism in the United States
Spring 2015 The Digital Past
Fall 2014 Church and State in America
Fall 2014 Clio 3: Programming in History/New Media
Spring 2014 Mapping Boston’s Religions
Fall 2012 Religious Pluralism and the American States