This workshop is a digital humanities starters’ kit, focusing on visualization. We will begin by creating online collections and exhibits with Omeka, then visualize those collections in a “deep map.” We will then explore the basic principles of visualization, and apply those principles to networks in particular. We will end with a session on data mapping.

Session 1: Online collections with Omeka

Slides for sessions 1 and 2

Accessing the Omeka site:

What Omeka is used for:

Items and item types:


Potential topics:

Session 2: Deep/narrative mapping in Omeka with Neatline


Deep mapping:

Session 3: Visualization with the grammar of graphics

Slides for session 3

Visualization services:

Data sets:

Session 4: Networks

Slides for session 4

Gephi (software to install):


Other resources:

Sessions 5 and 6: Introduction to mapping / Data mapping

Mapping software:


Data sets: