Summertime countdown on the whiteboard

According to the whiteboard outside our kitchen, there are fourteen days left of summer. So here is a summertime newsletter, heavy on the pictures and light on the prose.

Currently listening

Merle Haggard's album, The Land of Many Churches

I found this double LP album for $3 at the CD Cellar in Falls Church. Merle Haggard and The Strangers were recorded live during services at four different churches or chapels. I’m listening it to it for a book I’m researching.

Currently visualizing

A visualization from our paper

Kellen Funk and I recently presented our work on Legal Modernism at the Conference on Data Science and Law held at Fordham University. Above is one of the many visualizations from the paper. This one is drawn from the dataset we have generated, which includes 8.2 million citations from 9,749 U.S. legal treatises published before 1926 to some 368,000 distinct U.S. cases.

Currently collaborating

Part of the American Religious Ecologies team, current and former, at AHA 2023

Since I last wrote, John Turner and I have received another $350k grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities for our American Religious Ecologies project. Our wonderful project team (a few of whom are pictured above) also presented a poster at the American Historical Association annual meeting.

Currently defending

Committee for Greta Swain's dissertation

Greta Swain—a PhD student in history at George Mason and a key contributor to the Mapping Early American Elections and American Religious Ecologies projects at RRCHNM—successfully defended her dissertation on “Potomac Networks” last week. Here is why the dissertation is a masterclass in using digital methods for historical interpretation. Greta is off to Southern Methodist University as a postdoc.

Currently moving

Moving day Moving day

I am packing up all of the books in my office at RRCHNM to move to the other side of the wall. More on that next time.