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My colleague Jason Heppler writes about “Building A Data API For Historical Research.” A follow-up to this post.

A very helpful list of best practices for shell scripting. I’m no expert on shell scripting, but I write lots of little scripts, so it is helpful to have a template for best practices.

Pleased to welcome a new colleague, Jim Ambuske, to RRCHNM. Jim will be working at R2 Studios.

The most recent issue of the American Religion @ RRCHNM newsletter features an announcement of our Luce Foundation grant for a podcast on the history of American antisemitism, a new map of male and female preachers in the National Spiritual Alliance, and a new collection of oral histories about the Jewish experience of the COVID-19 pandemic, among other things.

Caroline Greer writes about a National Spiritual Alliance church named after its pastor, Dorcas Brown, and maybe the biblical Dorcas too.