Assignment weights

Assignment Weight
class participation 20%
weekly blog posts 35%
final project 40%
presentation 5%

Class participation

Class participation requires you to attend class, but is not defined by attendance. You will not be credited for participation in weeks that you miss class. I expect your active participation both in class discussions and in the hands-on portions of class. To participate fully you will have to come to class having thoroughly prepared all preliminary assignments.

Weekly Blog Posts

Each week you will write a blog post about your work for that week. You should write a minimum of 400 words each week, and include whatever images, maps, visualizations, or the like you have created each week. Blog posts should be written to the same standards as academic papers with proper diction, correct grammar, accurate citations, cogency of argument, and thoughtful organization.

Blog posts must be posted by 10 p.m. the day after class (i.e., Thursday) by 8:00 a.m. on the Saturday after class. No late posts will be accepted. I will frequently provide feedback on what you have written. At least four times during the semester I will assign you a formal grade.

Final Project

For the full description, see the final project page.

Throughout the semester you will create an Omeka website and exhibit. This exhibit will be focused on a city of your choice, and it should uncover some aspect of the city’s history during Reconstruction, the Gilded Age, and the Progressive Era. Your final project should include:

  • two maps, including one interactive map
  • at least one graph from text-mining
  • an additional visualization that you’ve made yourself
  • at least 5 primary sources, marked up with metadata
  • an introductory essay of approximately 1000 words
  • notes and a bibliography
  • a list of contributors, if appropriate
  • an about page

Additional instructions and examples will be provided throughout the semester.

The final project is due May 8 by 10 p.m. Make sure that your project is available online, then send me the URL via e-mail.


You will give a presentation about your final project, including slides, during the last two weeks of class. Don’t be boring. Your date and additional instructions will be provided later in the semester.