Poster: Teaching Graduate Students to Code

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The graduate students in my fall 2014 class “Programming for Historians”—Sara Collini, Peter Carr Jones, Jannelle Legg, Anne Ladyem McDivitt, George D. Oberle III, and Amanda Regan—and I will present the poster below at the 2015 annual meeting of the American Historical Association. This post is a (more or less) permanent version of the poster along with supplementary materials.

Poster: Teaching Graduate Students to Code
Figure 1: Poster: Teaching Graduate Students to Code [


The projects created by the graduate students in the course, along with the code that they wrote, are available at their own websites. Below is a list of authors and project titles:

Finally, two other links may be of use. The first is the syllabus for the course. The second is the ongoing draft of Digital History Methods in R, a book that I began writing during the semester to use as course materials.

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