Tomorrow is the start of the annual meeting of the American Society of Church History, now completely divorced—as far as I can tell—from the American Historical Association annual meeting. (I hear the MLA will also be in town.) I’m planning to spend most of my time at ASCH, though I will wander over to a few AHA panels as well. I was originally scheduled for only one session, but for me this is the year of filling in, and now I am on three.

On Thursday (3:30 p.m.), I’ll be a last-minute sub for an ASCH roundtable discussion of “Timothy Larsen’s John Stuart Mill: A Secular Life and OUP’s Spiritual Lives Series.” It’s a fascinating biography and I’m looking forward to hearing what Tim and the other panelists have to say.

My friend (and collaborator) Kellen Funk is out sick, so on Saturday (8:30 a.m.) I will be filling in for him at an AHA/American Society of Legal History panel on “New Directions in American Legal History.” The subject is our ongoing work doing text analysis on the Making of Modern Law corpus of legal treatises.

Keeping alive my long tradition of drawing an early morning Sunday panel, on Sunday (9:00 a.m.) I’ll be the chair and commentator for the ASCH panel “Eighteenth- and Nineteenth-Century Anti-Catholicism in America and its Legacies.” This session will feature the work of Maura Jane Farrelly, Paul Gutacker, and Timothy D. Grundmeier.