Greetings. I am a historian of American religion and the nineteenth-century United States, often using computational methods for texts and maps. I serve as the executive director of the Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media, a research center which creates websites, podcasts, educational resources, data-driven histories, and other open-access digital work to democratize history. I am also a professor in the Department of History and Art History at George Mason University.

Writing. If you would like to follow my work, the blog is the best place. It includes blog posts, shorter link posts, and the archives of my newsletter. You can subscribe to everything either by adding the site feed to a feed reader, or by subscribing to my newsletter.

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American religious history, digital history, and the making thereof

If you want to follow our work at RRCHNM, please subscribe to our newsletters. My social media accounts are listed in the sidebar; I mostly use Bluesky these days.

Teaching. My courses cover American religious history, the history of Christianity, the history of the nineteenth-century United States, and digital history. All of my syllabi are freely available.

Visualizations and software. While working with computational methods, I often create visualizations or software. The best place to find the visualizations is embedded in my scholarship. The source code for visualizations and software packages are all open source and available from my GitHub profile.

Scholarship. My scholarship is often collaborative. I have the good fortune of having collaborated with many of my colleagues at RRCHNM, and each of the project websites credits contributors fully. But I would be remiss not to mention that I have had particular fruitful collaborations with John Turner in American religion and Kellen Funk in American legal history.

For a full list of my work, please see my CV. Below is a list of my books (print and digital) and some of my collaborative digital projects, with an emphasis on ongoing work.