“The Chance of Salvation” officially published

Today is Harvard University Press’s official publication date for The Chance of Salvation: A History of Conversion in America. The book started making its way in the world about a month ago, so the official publication date mostly marks the release of the e-book versions.

The main news about the book is an interview I did with The Atlantic about the history of conversion. There should be several more interviews about the book at various history blogs coming out in the next few weeks. And at least two people have let me know that they are assigning the book in class this semester.

It’s always nice to see people mention on Twitter that they’ve received their copies.



Print historian

Imagine a photograph of a pile of pages, perhaps with a few glossy image reproductions and a cover letter, and a USPS envelope. Perhaps a few years ago I might have been able to take such a picture for this post. But without having to pay for postage, I’ve delivered the final revisions of my book manuscript to my editor before the end of December as agreed. The Chance of Salvation: A History of Conversion in America will be published by Harvard University Press in fall 2017. While there is still copyediting, proofreading, indexing and so on to be done, the book definitely feels like it is in the hands of the press and not my hands now.

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