Bibles and Tracts in Print Culture in America

My essay in the Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Religion on “Bibles and Tracts in Print Culture in America” was recently published. When it was first released that collection was freely available, though it has now gone behind a paywall. I was under the impression, which must have been mistaken, that it was going to remain freely available. Nevertheless, the Religion in America section of that encyclopedia has a fantastic set of essays.

Here is a summary of my contribution:

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Introducing America’s Public Bible (Beta)

It’s the start of August, and I don’t want to presume on the good graces of this blog’s readers. So in the spirit of late summer, I’m finally getting around to briefly describing of one of my summer projects in the hope that you find it fun, leaving a fuller accounting of the why and wherefore of the project for another time.

America’s Public Bible is a website which looks for all of the biblical quotations in Chronicling America. Chronicling America is a collection of digitized newspapers from the Library of Congress as part of the NEH’s National Digital Newspaper Program. ChronAm currently has some eleven million newspaper pages, spanning the years 1836 to 1922. Using the text that ChronAm provides, I have looked for which Bible verses (just from the KJV for now) are quoted or alluded to on every page. If you want an explanation of why I think this is an interesting scholarly question, there is an introductory essay at the site.

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