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Setting up a new Mac with dotfiles and Homebrew bundle


Syllabus for Capitalism and American Religion, fall 2020
Church of God
Course description for Religion and Capitalism
Farewell, faithful friend


A programming language and a sense of self
Chronicling America OCR debatcher
Goodman on the meaning of “tradition”
The most interesting tech company of 2018
Bunkmail’s “Best American History Reads” and public engagement
Lamin Sanneh (1942–2019)


The Chance of Salvation at Fall for the Book
How long does it take to publish in the AHR?
Why I joined the rOpenSci editorial team
New release: tokenizers v0.2.0
Isn't it obvious?


Bibles and tracts in print culture in America
The Chance of Salvation officially published
The best writing tip I've received
Preprint for “The Spine of American Law”
New release: USAboundaries v0.3.0
The places of Evangelical Gotham
Announcing Current Research in Digital History
A confirmation of Andrew Goldstone on "Teaching Quantitative Methods"
The Programming Historian calls for digital history argumentation
Syllabi for spring 2017
Pick the title for my digital history textbook
My year in tech 2016
Slack in my classroom


Print historian
New article: "A Servile Copy"
Syllabus for "Text Analysis for Historians"
New package tokenizers joins rOpenSci
Introducing America's Public Bible (Beta)
Makefiles for Writing, Data Analysis, OCR, and Converting Shapefiles
A Course in Computational Methods and Nineteenth-Century Religious Data
Working Paper on the Migration of Codes of Civil Procedure
Materials for DH Workshop at the University of Helsinki
ggplot2 Extensions Gallery
A Very Preliminary Taxonomy of Sources of Nineteenth-Century U.S. Religious Data
How Digital Projects Are Framed at the AHA Lightening Round
Don't Waste Students' Time Installing Software in DH Courses
Jane, John ... Leslie? A Historical Method for Algorithmic Gender Prediction
USAboundaries v0.2.0 available on CRAN
Where the Problem with Historical Data about U.S. Religion Really Lies


American Religious History Sessions at ASCH/AHA 2016
An introduction to the textreuse package, with suggested applications
What the Map of Urban Religious Histories Shows Us
Some Thoughts on Digital Dissertations at Mason
What Can You Do with Denominational History?
Corpus of American Tract Society Publications
New Release of the gender Package (v0.5.0)
The Business Practices of Corporate Evangelicals
How to Use Neatline with Map Warper Instead of GeoServer
How Long Are Dissertations in Different Disciplines?
Divergence in U.S. Sex Ratios by County, 1820--2010
Gender Predictor
Practical Problems in Teaching Digital History
Christian Nation, Christian Libertarianism
Detecting Text Reuse in Nineteenth-Century Legal Documents
D3.js in Action
syuzhet: An R Package for Sentiment Analysis
The Talking Machines Podcast
An R Client for the Internet Archive API
Review of Religion and the Marketplace in the United States
Exploring Elections for Massachusetts Governor in the Early Republic
New Syllabus: Religion and Capitalism in the United States
Mapping Boston's Religions: Next Steps in Mapping U.S. Religious History


Religious History and Religious Studies Syllabi from the Past Semester
Poster: Teaching Graduate Students to Code
htmlwidgets Package for R
Interview with the Setup
USAboundaries Package for R
Visualizing RRCHNM Projects and People
An API Client for Omeka in R
Preliminary Reading List for Religion and Capitalism
Gender package now on CRAN
TopoJSON in R with rgdal
The First Draft Podcast
A Vagrant Development Environment for R
CShapes: Historical Country Boundaries for R
Two New Classes for the Spring
Contours of Conversion to Catholicism in the Nineteenth Century
Timothy Larsen on The Noah Sphinx
Review of The Age of Atheists
Syllabus for Programming for Historians
Visualizing Presbyterian Statistics Through One Hundred Years
Map projections and the historical imagination
Mapping the spread of American slavery
Resources for Mapping US Boundaries Over Time
The Two Purposes of Book Reviews
A better map of slavery in 1860
Joining George Mason University
A Figure Plugin for Jekyll
Charting Faculty Salaries by Discipline, Rank, and Institution
The Return of the Longue Durée in American Religious History
Analyzing Historical History Dissertations: Gender
Analyzing Historical History Dissertations: Cleaning the Data Again
Analyzing Historical History Dissertations: Location
Analyzing Historical History Dissertations: Page Counts by University
Analyzing historical history dissertations: page counts
How to Use Knitr with a Rakefile
Analyzing Historical History Dissertations: Limitations of the Data
Analyzing Historical History Dissertations: Beginnings
Using a Global Rakefile with Pandoc
Ghostery on Your Machine: Stop Sites from Tracking You


Aggregating Positions on Maps by Manipulating the Data
How I Got Started as a Digital Humanist
From the Rivers of Water to the River of Dark Dreams
Adjusting Maps of Religion for Population (A Failed Experiment?)
Historical Religion Data in the NHGIS and What You Can Do with It
THATCamp AAR Workshop: Data Analysis for Humanists
THATCamp NE Workshop: How to Use a Database for Historical Research
Lower Resolution Shapefiles of Historic State Boundaries
Maps of Catholic Dioceses in the US, Canada, and Mexico, Take Two
Learning How to Teach History in a Digital Age
Some Thoughts on Getting Started with Ubuntu Linux
Shapefiles of Historic U.S. State Boundaries for Use in R
How to Make Prudent Choices About Your Tools
Quantifying the ATS: Using Library Catalog Data for Historical Research
My Take on the Git Commit Logger
Atlases of American Religion, Print and Digital
Spotlight on the Digital Humanities at GMU's THATCamp Prime
Maps of Catholic Dioceses in the US, Canada, and Mexico
Where Are the Histories of American Irreligion?
Convert Markdown Files to PDF with Rake and Pandoc
Break Out of Your Lack-of-Feedback Loop
Grab a Web Page in Plain Text with Markdownifier
Baptist 'Receipts' for Burns and Blood
Using R to Chart the Historical Demography of American Judaism
Clarence Walworth's Incontrovertible Baptism
Catalog Search Plugin for Omeka Released
Jacob Dorman on the Rise of Black Israelite Religions
A First Look at the Digital Public Library of America
Converts in Your Classroom
America's Most (and Least) Religious Cities
Interview about Digital Projects and the Dissertation at the Junto
Contributors Solicited for the Jonathan Edwards Encyclopedia
Newman on the Sorrow of Writing a Conversion Narrative
Introducing the American Converts Database
The Challenge of Translating 10 PRINT to Ruby
Two Computers, One Keyboard and Mouse with Synergy
Nineteenth-Century American Religion: A Digital History Seminar
Boston Digital Humanities News
The Slate Window Manager for Mac Power Users
Learn R with Twotorials
Chronology in the Margins of George Bancroft's Narrative
Why There Are So Few Books on African Americans as Evangelicals
Parsing TEI Files in Ruby with Nokogiri
TEI Boilerplate for Getting Started with TEI
The Kindle Paperwhite Reviewed: Device and Ecosystem
Getting Back to Getting Things Done
John McPhee on structure and his text-editor
Panelists Wanted: DH Methods in the Traditional Dissertation
Mills Kelly on the History Curriculum in 2023
Empowering the Humanities speaker series at Wentworth
Telling Stories at the AHA
Jewish Converts to Catholicism and Jewish-Catholic Reconciliation
Boston-Area Days of Digital Humanities
Initial Thoughts from the AHA / ASCH / ACHA


The Science of the Soul in Colonial New England
From Grading to Helping Students
The Junto: A Group Blog on Early American History
The math behind Protestant and Catholic religious enthusiasm
Writing in Vim with placeholders and quickfix
Cleanup your Markdown text in Vim with equalprg
Kidd on Sarah Osborn's World
Volume 14 of the JSR Published
Paper Machines Visualizes Your Zotero Library
The Humanist's OS; or, Scholarship in Plain Text
E-books for Journals with EPUB Generator for Jekyll
A Makefile to Convert All Markdown Files to PDFs Using Pandoc
Jetpack Plugin for Course Websites
Plain Text Workshop at THATCamp New England 2012
Make It Hard on Yourself
Religious Pluralism and the American State
The Quantified Dissertation: Using Bash and cron to Track Word Counts
Teaching as a Moral Relationship
Big thoughts, little thoughts
Modeling Historical Events and Lives in YAML
Chapter 4 Drafted, and Thoughts on Gift Economies
Academic Article Class for XeLaTeX
Review of A Theology of Religious Change


Review of American Scriptures


Review of All Can Be Saved
What is secularization?
What's so wrong with myths?
Sacred Book, Sacred Space: My Attempt to Buy a Qur'an
Charles Taylor and the Sources of the Self
Religious liberty and the Islamic Community Center
Review of The Lives of David Brainerd
The cultural history of american fundamentalism: a review essay
Review of To Serve God and Wal-Mart
Digital humanities is a spectrum; or, we're all digital humanists now
What Would Jesus Do? A Parable About Copyright


Review of Prodigal Nation


Review of The Metaphysical Club